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Straightforward. Honest. Transparent.

Criminal and traffic law. Serving Chapel Hill and the greater Triangle area.

Straightforward. Honest. Transparent.

Criminal and traffic law. Serving Chapel Hill and the greater Triangle area.

Criminal and Traffic Law

Based in Chapel Hill, NC and serving the greater Triangle area.

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No big firm. No automated attendant answering when calling his office. You can reach Mr. Kennedy and his secretary right away with ease, and he’s eager to answer any questions with detailed answers. He’s there to help and it shows. I hydroplaned and did some damage to state property which resulted in a ticket. He had the ticket dismissed. I can not recommend Mr. Kennedy enough.
Wallace Cox
13:40 02 Apr 18
Kevin is best attorney in Durham. It was very easy working with him and his office. He has taken our burden onto him and resolved them efficiently. I appreaciate his diligence and follow through. I will definitely recommend him for traffic tickets related assistance
sreenadha vaka
17:50 03 May 18
We received lot of letters from different law firms stating that they wanted to handle our ticket, we choose the Law Office of Kevin M. Kennedy. The best attorney I have worked with! He handled a ticket for me recently and I have to say, it was the best experience I have had with an attorney. Great to work with! Took care of my ticket with no issues
Anneliese Reynoso
20:43 26 Mar 18
Smooth transaction and resolution. I called early one morning to ask a few questions and actually got to speak to Mr Kennedy. He was very knowledgeable and explained my options. I hope to never get a ticket in NC again, but if I do I'll be sure to hire Mr Kennedy.
Tom Reppart
15:24 25 Feb 18
My family and I have been using Kevin since 2004! He and his office are very professional and do EXACTLY what they say they are going to do! I would HIGHLY recommend you give him your business!
Davis Onque
19:19 24 Apr 18
I was very pleased with the outcome of the work Mr Kennedy and his staff did for me. They made the process extremely easy to work through, and we're respectful of my situation. I am very glad I contacted them, and will absolutely contact them in the future should the need arise!! Thank you for your assistance and the positive outcome you achieved!
Rhonda Sheppard
23:02 02 Aug 18
I spoke with Kevin Kennedy on the phone one time and he was very informative of my options and gave me the step by step walk through on what I needed to do next. The rest of my communications was via email. The responses were prompt and also informative. I felt like my traffic violation was high priority and everything was handled according to what we had discussed. I would highly recommend his services.
Danielle Hoover
12:38 09 Jul 18
I used the Kennedy Law Office years ago for my teenager and most recently for my traffic mishap. Great people! Though I'm sure they deal with these incidents all the time, Attorney Kennedy and Carol treated my situation as personal as I could have asked from personal calls to emails, etc. That with responsible costs and timely responses gives them my highest rating.
Herb Davis
19:02 10 Sep 18
Attorney Kennedy appeared in court on my behalf. We talked on the phone, I explained the circumstances of my mistake. Attorney Kennedy presented my case, and after hearing his defense, the judge dismissed the case. As a result of Attorney Kennedy's appearance in court on my behalf, there is no impact on my driving record or insurance. The office was prompt and accurate with informing me of dates and results.
Priscilla Boomer
19:13 17 Aug 18
A wonderful combination of highly professional and yet personable, kind and helpful. Very communicative and organized office, Mr. Kennedy succeeded on my behalf.
Sonja Younger
02:03 21 Aug 18
Kevin M Kennedy is an amazing attorney and made the entire experience incredibly easy. I was keep in the loop after each court appearance by email. My citation was dismissed with no additional fee. I am very pleased with the outcome and will be using his service in the future if needed. Thank you very much!!!!!
Mei Chen
00:16 18 Oct 18
Very professional. Great communication and very timely. Easy and affordable payment. Direct and very straight forwarded interactions, especially with his office staff!
Ruth Boone
00:22 05 Nov 18
I liked working with The Law Office of Kevin M. Kennedy. They were very quick to respond and help me solve my ticket. I personally liked that all is done electronically which saves so much time. Thank you for everything!
Fabiana Fracchiolla
16:33 21 Dec 18
Super professional and great with communicating what’s going on with your legal matters in a timely manner. Very satisfied with their service, they handled everything for me at an affordable price and got me the awesome outcome I wanted! Will be using Kevin Kennedy whenever I need to!
Bryanna Walker
21:52 17 Nov 18
Mr. Kennedy gave me relief of attending court on my behalf and provided excellent and transparent services. The fees are fair, the online form to file my case was straight forward and his office was very responsive to answering questions and providing documentation.Hopefully, I will not need his services again, but will be sure to use him again if the need arises. He will be my first referral to friends and colleagues who find themselves needing to defend themselves against warranted (or unwarranted) traffic violations.
James Sean Pruitt
19:45 12 Nov 18
The Law Office of Kevin M. Kennedy One of the professional and beyond of fast law office I have best experience since I need their help. Best Regards
Mary Zarif
23:48 15 Dec 18

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Welcome to the Law Office of Kevin M. Kennedy. Attorney Kevin Kennedy is dedicated to providing clients with experienced legal counsel, effective legal representation in court, and to providing the high quality of service that is expected of the legal profession.


Speak with attorney Kevin Kennedy regarding the best options for resolution of the charges against you including, dismissal, deferral, and expungement of criminal record.


Contact our Office for a free consultation regarding your violation, the costs, and how to prevent insurance points, license points, and license suspensions.

DWI Defense

Consult with attorney Kennedy regarding your case, protection under the Constitution, options for defense at trial or plea, possible consequences, and limited driving privileges.


Get your license back! Contact our office for information on how your revoked license can be reinstated to allow you to drive legally once again.

You Are Not a Criminal

Every day, ordinarily law abiding citizens find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Whether a speeding or traffic violation, drug or alcohol offense, or other violation of the law, the Law Office of Kevin M. Kennedy can supply you with the information you need to make an informed decision about how to best resolve your case.

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