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Cars and Bicycles on the Road

When I was younger I rode bikes, from pedaling round the neighborhood when I was a kid to some trips more than a week long when I got a bit older.  Habits from childhood tend to stick with us, and meandering anywhere along the road while riding is a common practice...

Avoid Accidents: Teach Your Children Well

A significant percentage of serious motor-vehicle accidents involve young drivers. Many of us can remember friends or classmates who never made it to graduation in high school due to a tragic accident. Teach your children well, folks. Always wear your seatbelt. Here’s...

Crack Down on Minor Speeding Violations

Heads up, folks! Watch your speed. Despite popular beliefs, the speed limit is in fact the LIMIT. Any speed in excess of the posted speed is a statutory violation under the laws of North Carolina. The speed limit also applies to the far left lane, sometimes known as...

DWI: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

DWI: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Please review the included article. Another example of why it is important to remember that in a DWI case, like all cases, the burden of proof is on the State to show guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Hard to prove if your witnesses aren’t credible.  ...

Welcome to Kevin M. Kennedy Law

Welcome to Kevin M. Kennedy Law

Welcome to the new Kevin M. Kennedy Law Blog. Everyday, ordinary people find themselves on the wrong side of the law from minor traffic tickets, alcohol or drug offenses to more serious criminal charges. Our office is here to help. Attorney Kevin Kennedy is dedicated...