License Revocation and Reinstatement

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Get your license back! Contact our office for information on how your revoked license can be reinstated to allow you to drive legally once again.

There are a lot of ways to lose your driver’s license in North Carolina, sometimes without even knowing it has happened or how.

Your license may be revoked for something as simple as missing a court date or not paying a fine, or for something more complicated. Whatever the reason, Kevin can help you get your license back.

Attorney Kevin Kennedy has extensive experience in successfully helping clients with revoked licenses regain their driving privileges in North Carolina.

Kevin will research your case, review your driving record and court records, and prepare a plan to have your license reinstated. This can often be done without the client having to appear in court. If you are not immediately eligible to get your license back, a Limited Driving privilege may be available that will allow you to drive until you are eligible, or have a DMV reinstatement hearing.

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