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If you are facing a traffic citation attorney Kevin Kennedy, a speeding ticket lawyer in Chapel Hill, will work to have the charges dismissed reduced or amended to whatever your driving record recommends will benefit you the most.

You will not have to go to court yourself. Attorney Kennedy will appear for you so that you don’t have to go. Kevin will appear in court on your behalf to protect your driving privilege and insurance premiums.

It is important that you contact an attorney who will investigate your case, provide legal counsel, and effectively defend your case in court to insure your Constitutional rights are respected, and that you receive every consideration available under the law. Attorney Kevin M. Kennedy has over 10 years of experience defending DWI cases in Triangle area courts. He has the skills to identify the issues.

Insurance and DMV Points

are assessed for all moving violations. A conviction for even a minor traffic violation can cause your insurance premiums to increase and possibly your driver’s license to be revoked. All speeding violations carry both insurance points and DMV points. Insurance points allow your premiums to be increased. Too many DMV points will cause your driver’s license to be revoked.


in excess of 15 MPH can cause a license revocation. Any speed over 80 MPH is an automatic revocation. Speeding 90 MPH or greater is an automatic one year revocation.

Failure to stop

for red lights or stop signs results in 1 insurance point and three DMV points.

Careless & Recless Driving

carries 4 insurance points, and 4 DMV points. This is a serious violation that should be resolved carefully as a recent prior traffic conviction could result in a license revocation.


can result in both insurance and license points, as well as civil liability for damages to injured parties. The good news is that by providing the court with the proper documents, these cases can often be dismissed completely to prevent any points or mark against the record.

School Zones/ Work Zones

carry high fines and often require community service and/or safe driving classes, depending on the County, in order to obtain the best results.

Improper Equipment (IE)

is a non-moving violation that carries no insurance or license points. IE reductions are available in most N.C. counties depending on the driver’s record and the type of violation. Eligibility requirements vary from county to county according to each District Attorney’s policies.

Prayer for Jugement Continued (PJC)

are requested from the judge and are granted at his discretion. Every judge will have his own personal policies as to granting PJCs. A PJC may be used once every 3 years to avoid insurance points.

Safe Driving Classes

are mandatory in some counties for all young drivers before receiving any reduction to traffic violations. Other counties will offer a more lenient amendment to a traffic violation if a safe driving class is voluntarily completed. Every county has their own policies for if, when and why a class may be considered.

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